It's In The Blood

End Assembly

There are accidental heroes and there are heroic tales full of accidents. End Assembly (Outreach) is a bit of both. The three-year-old gelding won in Listed class at Eagle Farm on Saturday in the Gold Edition Plate (1200m), staying unbeaten after gaping wins in his first two starts in Toowoomba for trainer Mark “Boof” Currie.... Read More


The movie Moneyball told the true story of the 2002 Oakland Athletics, an outstanding team built from a budget list of baseballers who didn’t own the headlines, but possessed one precious thing: stats proving their year-in year-out knack for getting on base. Who says you need a World Series ring or a CV full of... Read More

Invincible Caviar

Three deities of the Australian industry, famous for three different reasons, made their mark on Saturday: the former racetrack champion; the super sire, and the outstanding broodmare. To say former–champion is perhaps understating it: We’re dealing with probably the best sprinter of all time, once rated the best horse in the world. Yet Black Caviar’s... Read More

Little Brose

As those bits of inspiration on Facebook say, the fact any of us is alive – amid the randomness of the universe – is a miracle. And it’s the same for horse as for human. The odds of breeding a stakes winner are also rather large, but for Little Brose to have become the burgeoning... Read More


It was 18 37. Queen Victoria began her long reign. Lord Melbourne was Britain’s prime minister, and European free settlers on the north bank of the Yarra had, two years earlier, named their township after him. Charles Darwin had just published his history-changing work on the origin of all species and, south west of London... Read More

Magic Time and Short Shorts

Farmers are all about growing things, and horse farmers are no exception, and nature being what it is, sometimes things don’t grow according to plan. But for two men in the game, those sorts of earlier disappointments have borne some very promising fruit, which was on show again last Saturday. Magic Time, a three-year-old filly... Read More