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All data subjects whose data is processed by ANZ Bloodstock News on the website and
iPhone, Android or iPad apps.

The Data Protection Officer is responsible for ensuring that this notice is placed in front of potential data subjects prior to ANZ Bloodstock News collecting/processing their personal data.

All Employees/Staff of ANZ Bloodstock News who interact with data subjects are responsible
for ensuring that this notice is drawn to the data subject’s attention and their consent to the
processing of their data is secured.

Fair Processing Notice:
ANZ Bloodstock News collects and processes data as part of our activities. Some of this
data is collected and processed based on your consent. Some of it is required in order to
meet legal and contractual obligations. Some of it will be processed on the basis of
Legitimate Interest.

We are committed to ensuring that the information we collect, and use is appropriate for this
purpose, and does not constitute an invasion of your privacy. We may pass your personal
data on to our trusted service providers who are contracted to ANZ Bloodstock News in the
course of dealing with you. Our contractors are obliged to keep your details securely and use
them only to fulfil the service they provide. If we wish to pass your sensitive personal data
onto a trusted third party we will only do so once we have obtained your consent, unless we
are legally required to do so.

How ANZ Bloodstock News uses your information:
ANZ Bloodstock News will process – that means collect, store and use – the information you
provide in a manner that is compatible with privacy principles. We will endeavour to keep
your information accurate and up to date and not keep it for longer than is necessary. In
some instances, the law sets the length of time information has to be kept, but in most cases
ANZ Bloodstock News will use its discretion to ensure that we do not keep records outside of
our normal business requirements.

Our aim is not to be intrusive, and we undertake not to ask irrelevant or unnecessary
questions. Moreover, the information you provide will be subject to rigorous measures and
procedures to minimise the risk of unauthorised access or disclosure.

We do not share or disclose Registered Users’ e-mail addresses or personal information
with other organisations. Our subscription may include the display of personalized content
and advertising.

We use the information we collect to provide the subscription you request.

Here are the types of information we collect:
Email addresses
First Name
Last Name
Company Name
Industry Role
Anonymised behavioural data regarding the way users interact with our websites/apps

Information you provide when you enter prize draws, quizzes, competitions or answer
surveys, such as information about your lifestyle including your favourite sports, interests
and gambling habits.
Information which we may obtain about you from third parties (for example, because you
have given third parties permission to share that information with us).
Our mobile application may also access your geographical location, the mobile phone’s
external storage. Moreover, it may also answer or place calls, read phone’s contacts or
modify the phone state.

ANZ Bloodstock does not collect or process special categories of personal data.

The information will be used for the following purposes:
Tracking – which includes using data to improve our products and personalise your
Business intelligence – to develop aggregate analysis and business intelligence that
enable us to operate, protect, make informed decisions and report on the performance of our
Fulfilment of the service – process the information in order to make payments, ship
products, detect and prevent fraud, to resolve disputes and enforce our agreements.
Communication – for example, informing you about your account, security updates and
product information. Where you have subscribed to our newsletter or have entered a
competition you would have consented to us processing your data by submitting your
personal data on this site.
Marketing – we use data to help show more relevant ads, whether in our own products, or in
products offered by third parties; and inform you of offers that we think are of interest.
Customer support – we use data to diagnose product problems, repair customers’ devices
and provide other customer care and support services.
By consenting to this, you are giving us permission to perform this processing, where the
basis is consent.
You may withdraw consent at any time by updating your cookie preferences, opting out of
specific marketing/communication channels, or even raising a Subject Access Request with
Bear in mind that where we will need to keep/process the data to fulfil legal, contractual or
legitimate interest requirements, we will continue to do so.

Data Security
We have adopted measures to ensure that users’ personal details are not misused,
accidentally destroyed, lost or altered. Where information is transferred to a third party, that
third party will be required to keep your personal details secure to the same standards we
We endeavour to prevent unauthorised disclosures of your personal information by any
approved suppliers that we work with. Notwithstanding, we are not responsible for any
unauthorised disclosures or other breaches of security or for the actions of others if the
information was passed to them with your permission or with the authority of anybody other
than us or our associated companies.
Please be aware that if you disclose information on chat areas, forums or other public services
it may be possible for other people to use this information. We are not responsible for the
disclosure of any information you post in this way.

Transfer of Details Overseas:
Given the global nature of the Internet, use of the Internet to collect and process personal details may involve the transmission of data internationally. Therefore, by browsing the Site
and communicating electronically with us, you acknowledge and agree that we may process
your personal details overseas. However, we will always ensure that any third party to whom
your personal details are transferred will take appropriate steps to safeguard your personal
details in line with the Australian Privacy Act.

Retention and deletion
We will take reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the information we hold about you. We
will not use your personal information unless it is (to the best of our knowledge) accurate and
up to date.
We will not keep your personal information for longer than is necessary, and it will be deleted
once it has been decided that the information is no longer needed, or you have enacted your
right for erasure.

Invoking your rights under GDPR:

Under the UK/EU’s General Data Protection Regulation you have multiple rights including
the right to find out what information we hold for you, request that it be updated, object to it
being processed, ask that it be deleted, or restrict the processing.

If you would like to exercise any of these, you can easily do so by contacting

California Consumer Privacy Act Rights and Choices:
The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) provides certain rights to residents of
California. This section applies if you are a natural person who is a resident of California
(“California Consumer”) and uses our Website. Certain terms used below have the meanings
given to them in the CCPA.

Without being discriminated against for exercising these rights, California residents have the
right to request that we disclose what personal information we collect about them and to
delete that information, subject to certain restrictions. You also have the right to designate an
agent to exercise these rights on your behalf.

If you would like to exercise any CCPA rights, you can easily do so by contacting

The CCPA sets forth certain obligations for businesses that “sell” personal information.
Based on the definition of “sell” under the CCPA and under current regulatory guidance, we
do not believe we engage in such activity and have not engaged in such activity in the past.
Instead, we limit our sharing of information as set forth in this policy, and to allow third
parties to collect certain non-personal information about your activity for limited purposes, for
example through cookies for analytics.

Users in Singapore (PDPA)
The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) of Singapore provides rules for the collection, use,
and disclosure of data by organisations, even if those are not physically present in the
Individuals that have their personal data collected, used, or disclosed within Singapore have
certain rights under PDPA, including, among others, to access, rectify, and delete data.
As an organisation that collects data of Singaporean individuals, ANZ Bloodstock News, is
bound by obligations set forth by the PDPA.
Any transfer of data should only be carried out if it will be accorded a similar standard of
protection to that under the PDPA.

Users in Japan (APPI)

The Act on the Protection of Personal Information (APPI) applies to all data controllers in
Japan. Although ANZ Bloodstock News is considered an offshore controller, it may collect
personal information of users in Japan, and therefore, aims to fulfil requirements set forth by
The purpose of data collection is specified in this Privacy Policy and notified to users upon
sign up.
Transfer of personal data to third countries may be carried out only if consent is given by
individuals, and the third country offers appropriate security safeguards. Please note that this
does not include transfer of data to third party processors, which may be needed to carry out
activities within our legitimate interest.

Users in other jurisdictions
ANZ Bloodstock News may collect data of individuals in other jurisdictions with different
privacy laws. Whilst we strive to satisfy their requirements, some laws may not apply. ANZ
will collect and retain customers’ information in line with the privacy principles of data
minimisation, storage limitation, purpose limitation, and integrity and confidentiality. All data
shared with trusted third parties will undergo security measures.

Terms Of Service

ANZ reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue,
temporarily or permanently, the Newsletter (or any part thereof) with or without notice. You
agree that ANZ shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modification, suspension
or discontinuance of the Newsletter.

Disclaimer Information

ANZ Bloodstock News is owned & published by Bloodstock Media Limited.

All care has been taken in the compliance of this newsletter but no responsibility can be
accepted for any errors or omissions. No part of this publication may be reproduced without
the permission of the publishers.


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provision of this Agreement is unlawful, void or unenforceable, that the provision is deemed
severable of any remaining provisions.


Nothing in this Privacy Policy shall restrict or exclude any liability that we have to any party
which cannot be excluded by law. This Privacy Policy shall be governed by English law and
the courts of England and Wales and shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes
arising in relation to this Privacy Policy and the Site.

Data Protection Registration

Spotlight Sports Group, trading as Bloodstock Media Ltd, is a registered data controller
under the General Data Protection Regulation and is registered with the Information
Commissioner’s Office with Data Protection Registration Number ZA248249.