Jo McKinnon Column

Olympic medalllist’s gift with horses is gold for Australian racing

Such is Tokyo Olympics eventing silver medallist Shane Rose’s passion for his work with thoroughbreds that as soon as he arrived home from quarantine last Wednesday morning he was straight back into the saddle on one by midday. “It’s good to be back, I can tell you. It didn’t take long and now it feels... Read More

‘Tis the foaling season

Observing plump, healthy thoroughbred broodmares in the paddock is mesmerising. They carry so much hope in their bellies. Will it be a colt or a filly? Could it be the nation’s next champion racehorse? Finally, after 11 wondrous months, a foal is born and the breeder’s dreams become a reality, with the young horse taking... Read More

Realities of rehoming

In the depths of winter, training, riding and managing any type of horse is challenging and expensive. In the thoroughbred world, the off season is a prime time for decisions to be made to either race on or breed. Some put the cue in the rack and truck loads of horses are offered on the... Read More

The coming of Kah was always destined

I started working as a horse racing commentator more than 20 years ago. The novelty of being a woman helped me get a start when Sky Racing was trying to build a female on-air presence for its launch into the great unknown of the Pay TV space.  Taking racing into people’s homes meant they had... Read More

Racing icon reminds us it’s all about the love of the horse

Last Friday came the news that Arazi (Blushing Groom) had passed away. He died at the ripe old age of 32 at Stockwell Thoroughbreds in Victoria, a place where he happily spent his pensioned years. For a thoroughbred he had a very good innings but his death has struck a chord with many.  It sent... Read More